US Tax Jobs In The Cayman Islands

Helping people relocate to The Cayman Islands has been a speciality of ours for many years. As such, we have an extensive  track record of successfully doing so. We work with Big 4 firms that hire CPA, EA & JDs with insurance, ASC 740 & Asset Management experience.

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Relocation To The Caribbean.

We've helped dozens of CPAs, Juris Doctors and Enrolled Agents with relocation from North America and Europe to the Caribbean Islands, specifically the Cayman Islands and Bermuda, further North.

The US tax work tends to be complex and interesting. The US tax teams mostly provide tax services to insurance companies, hedge/private equity funds & entities in the ILS sector.

Many British, Canadian, and American expats choose to relocate to the Cayman Islands and Bermuda for the opportunity to escape their fast-paced lifestyles. The relaxed pace of life on the islands is a dream come true for those used to the hustle and bustle of city living.

The Cayman Islands & Bermuda both offer a unique blend of jurisdictional advantages, including their positions as major financial services hubs coupled with several key lifestyle benefits (amazing climate, short commutes, great expat community of like-minded professionals) and short, direct flights from a number of key US hubs including New York, Boston, Atlanta, and Miami.

For the Cayman Islands, there is no federal income tax on the first $120,000 of income (approx $20,000 of tax savings) for a US person working and residing in Cayman, as well as no state income tax in Cayman. This is 0% for other nationalities.

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For anyone successfully referred* to us, we will pay:

0 - £30,000 = £500
£30,001 - £40,000 = £600
£40,001 - £60,000 = £700
£60,001+ = £1,000

*paid after the candidate successfully passes their probation period. Refer to referrals in our T&Cs for details.