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We are small team of experienced recruiters with over ten years of experience and an impressive track record of successful US tax placements.

Through meaningful and objective research into your organisation, direct US tax competitors, and overall marketplace, we strive to understand your hiring needs and requirements.


We want to know more than simply what the job entails. We'll advise you what candidates are looking for in the market and how you can create unique selling points based on current/future trends.

Creating a job description is vital to a successful search. We'll draw up a detailed brochure on your firm and job description that actually works.


Our small team manages search expectations, maintains open communications with you and the candidates, and facilitates the negotiation process through to its successful completion.

Services for Hiring

Our Search Methods

Retained Search

In a retained search, we work with our clients on an exclusive basis. Using this type of search method, we're dedicated to following best practices and doing the job right. We will work very closely with our client by developing a search methodology, action steps, and timing that is realistic and that matches with the needs of our client.​

In conclusion, for best practices and most effective executive search service the retained search model for middle to senior-level positions is the most cost-effective method.


Retained Search Benefits


The goal of the executive search consultant is to present four to five high-quality candidates with the skills, fit, salary, etc. desired by you, the client.


Intelligence is provided through exhaustive research on the industry, competitors and ideal candidates.


Candidates are screened and assessed using modern assessment tools and are pre-qualified to fit the position and your company culture.


The contingency model is a No Win No Pay basis. So, their dedication based on their actions is very limited. Typically, it is not set-up to provide the same level of professional services a retained search model provides.


With a retained search, and if desired, our client will receive full briefings on the search process, competitors, the market, and the talent pool.

Contingent Search

The main source of candidates in this search is our database from where we source our profiles. In this non-exclusive model, a contingent search will often compete with other agencies and even with the company itself if they have advertised the role.


Contingent Benefits & Drawbacks


The client can use multiple agencies simultaneously – no exclusivity. In reality, this is only a perceived pro, it is of no advantage to anyone involved in the process: not the client, not the candidate and not the agency.


Fees are paid only on success.


Offers good results for non-critical, junior to mid-level positions.


When you partner multiple agents, your job search is not a priority – (How can it be? It is common to only focus on roles where conversion chances are high and not where they are up against multiple players with no guarantee of success)


A less structured search process focused on databases and job boards/ads to get candidates.

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Track Record

We've placed countless US tax professionals with firms around the world. View our VERIFIED testimonials here and here.

Market Knowledge

We have one niche, US tax. We maintain our market knowledge through daily conversations with clients and job hunters.

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Team Size

We are a small team of dedicated recruiters, only servicing the US niche. You won't be passed onto a consultant who doesn't know the market.

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We're flexible

We're able to be flexible and tailor our search approach to meet your needs (timescale, budget, contingent/retained etc.)


We aim to build long term relationships with our clients. 90% of our clients are repeat customers that we've met in person.

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Niche Database

We maintain a large, niche database of US tax professionals in the UK, Europe and North America. We can tap into this when undertaking a search.


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