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Verified LinkedIn Testimonials

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"Alistair provides his services with the highest of ethical standards, as well. He never pressures you to take a position that you are offered and clearly demonstrates that the focus is on helping to find the best long-term solution for candidates and employers alike."

Debra Elder

CPA, Senior US Tax

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"Through the process he listened to the requirements I had with an employer and put me forward for the best matches... Alistair was very friendly and helped me with my onboarding process following my offer. If you are looking for a job in the UK/ US tax field reach out to Alistair."

Brian Fernandes

ATT/EA, Senior Tax Associate

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"I would gladly recommend Alistair to everyone who is looking for energetic and exceptional consultant who is always available to support in LinkedIn throughout the process. Thanks Alistair and Blackden consultancy."

Lavanya Parthasarathy

EA, US Corp Tax Manager