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Working From Home... Effectively!

Working from home can take some adjustment, particularly if you have always worked in an office or other type of environment before. Whilst it can be great to be surrounded by home comforts, it is also easy to get distracted. Here are some tips to help you to be productive and stay focused when working from home.

Find a space to call your own

Try not to work from a sofa, kitchen table or other space that may be shared with other people. A set area for work instils discipline. If you have to share spaces, make sure that others in your household understand these are workspaces to you now and agree rules for how and when these are used between you.  

Establish a routine

Your commuting time may be just seconds rather than hours now, however, stick to the same routines. Do all your usual washing and breakfast activities and aim to be at your workspace by a set time. Work out when you would like to take breaks and stick to these. Regular breaks are important to wellbeing and productivity. You often work out how to solve issues when you take your mind away from them for a short while.

Give yourself deadlines   

Make a list of things to do and when you are going to do them. If you set out your day hour by hour you can tick off jobs as you have completed them. Of course, you may have deadlines set for you by your company or clients, so it is then about setting out and planning your day to achieve these accordingly.

Keep your communication lines open with work

Keep regular contact with colleagues and clients via telephone or video conferencing apps. We are lucky with the vast array of communications tools available to us – so don’t go into hibernation when working at home. Find reasons to call people to share ideas and get their input. Collaborate and stay in touch.  

Make sure you are comfortable when working from home

Get a decent office chair and make sure your desk and PC are set up so that you can work with a straight backed posture as you will be working here every day. Try to make your surroundings attractive. Having some house plants nearby can give a sense of connection to nature.   

Reward yourself

Don’t deny yourself the benefits of working from home and setting up a reward system can help to give a sense of worth. Have the radio on or listen to music. You can even incorporate household chores into your working day. Doing the laundry as a short break will give your mind a rest and also save a job for you later on in the day.

Eat well, stretch and exercise

Stay disciplined with your eating habits and try to eat healthily. Eating a good breakfast will reduce the temptation to snack later. There are lots of exercises and stretching routines you can do at your desk. Exercise releases endorphins that increase happiness and boost productivity.

Do what is right for you

Ultimately, find a workspace and routine that is right for you. We are all individual and respond differently to environmental pressures – so be honest with yourself and if you find a way of working from home that works well for you then stick to it.

Thank you for Neville Rose, Director of CV Writers for this article.

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