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What are the benefits of hiring a CPA ?

While comparing CPA vs tax preparer, a CPA’s competency is unmatched. Apart from fining returns, CPAs can help you with tax planning too. They ensure you have minimum tax liability while abiding by the law.

Furthermore, since their learning area goes beyond taxation, they are well-equipped to provide you with other accounting services too. Their valuable insights may assist you in improving your business prospects.

In addition, they also possess unlimited representation before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Therefore, they can represent you on any matters related to audit, appeals, or payment or collection issues.

Moreover, with a regulatory body overlooking their work, chances of their committing fraud are greatly reduced. They abide by the professional ethics and moral code of conduct established by the state boards. Thus, in the event of any irregularities, the state board has the authority to revoke their license. Alternatively, tax preparers practice with minimal regulations.

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