US Tax Firms Vary Greatly - Consider These Points

What's clear from working with a cross-section of US tax clients in 2022, is just HOW different some US tax firms are from each other.

Some firms are excellent at training junior members of staff, but struggle to offer any flexibility often needed for more senior employees. Thinking about what your career priorities are, in-depth before job hunting is really important and will save you a lot of time.

For example...

Junior level.

A London-based UK/US tax firm we're working with is great for Associates/Trainees because it 1. encourages face-to-face meetings 2. has an awesome 1-on-1 mentoring programme 3. puts lots of thought into the work that's allocated to juniors (not just data entry) 4. regular outside of work socials etc. 5. generous study arrangements for their ATT/EA.

Manager level +

Then we have firms that are offering different perks, more suitable to Manager level professionals upwards: 1. 100% remote working and 2. A 4-day work week 3. A genuine understanding of the Tax Director that daily life can be hard to manage and flexibility in hours is essential for many people.

Take the time to consider what your career priorities are and ask your considered questions during the interview process to determine a good fit.

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