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US expats: What kind of tax preparer is best for you?

'Does it make sense to file and prepare your taxes yourself? For some savvy folks, the answer is yes. For others, self-help software and a lot of bulk service providers aren't quite up to snuff. In this videos tax attorneys, Anthony Parent and John Richardson discuss the best kind of tax preparers with Keith Redmond, one of the biggest Expat Advocates in the world.'

'While tax reform did make filing taxes easier for most Americans, it did not make anything easier for US expats. And worse, the stakes are high, much higher than domestic returns if something goes wrong. but for US expats, it is common that Form 5471, 8938, 3520-A, 8865 and the like are required. Well that all have $10,000 penalties if the forms aren't filed or are field incorrectly. Additionally, there is an FBAR penalty which doesn't require you to owe taxes to be penalized...even worse.'

'So it is important that your return be done right with someone with the right level of expertise. Whether a CPA, attorney enrolled agent, all three can do a great job for you -- assuming they are qualified. In this video, we give you some tips on how to qualify someone you are considering.'

- Anthony Parent

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