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LinkedIn Profile Tip 2 - Connections

We're continuing a series of articles we've previously published, offering advice on a particular aspect of job-hunting. We've selected an extract from our "LinkedIn Guide", explaining how to increase your LinkedIn connections.


Add some contacts. Regardless of whether you are building a small network of trusted, known contacts or a larger one, here are 4 ways to find potential connections:

1. Use the 'People You May Know' feature. Follow the steps outlined below to do this.

2. Find old business cards and pull names and e-mail addresses of people you'd like to include in your network.

3. Look at your connections' connections. To do this, open a connection you have on LinkedIn and select the button which outlines how many followers they have. Here you may find relevant connections to add!

4. Import contacts from your email. This is the simplest way to add contacts you know. You'll be prompted to do this on setup.


You can find our full LinkedIn guide by visiting

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