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LinkedIn Profile Tip 1 - Writing your "Headline".

We're continuing a series of articles we've previously published, offering advice on a particular aspect of job-hunting. We've selected an extract from our "LinkedIn Guide", explaining how to write a great 'Headline' for your LinkedIn profile.

STEP 1. WRITE A BRANDED, STANDOUT 'HEADLINE'. Writing a 'branded' Headline.

What is your 'Headline'? The 'Headline' is the space below your name. Your photograph creates the first impression. Your headline is the best place to communicate information about your 'brand'. Your brand being an overview of your skillset and professional position (you only have 120 characters to use here including spaces).

What should I change my 'Headline' to?

Big picture description | specialisation(s) | statement intended to demonstrate credibility/trust.

Remember, don't write 'open to new opportunities'. A recruiter will most likely search using words that describe the skills and experience they are looking for in qualified candidates. So, tailor your Headline to what's suggested above!


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