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Key Findings (2021-2022 US Tax Market Survey)

We compiled the results of our 2021-2022 US Tax Market Survey, here are the results.

The number of advertised vacancies in the U.S. accounting space increased in 2021 as the demand for talent intensified.

Whilst the demand for tax professionals has increased, it has not been matched by an increased number of candidates available. From a hiring perspective, this has made recruitment challenging. This can be largely attributed to cautious candidates and the delay/cancellation in CPA and EA exams - a direct result of the global pandemic.

Firms that were able to distinguish themselves during the interview and application process had far greater levels of success. That came in the form of a shorter interview process, offering an above-market salary and offering permanent remote working.


  • 47.5% of respondents had higher workloads in 2021 (compared to 12 months prior).

  • 57% felt more confident in making a career move (compared to 12 months prior).

  • 15% stated the option to work from home as the most attractive factor that would tempt them to make a career move. 45% stated it would be a mixture of factors, not just one.

  • 80% noticed an increase in US tax vacancies in 2021 (compared to 12 months prior).

  • 69% believed 2 interview stages is the optimum number in a hiring process. Only 3% felt 4 interviews or more would be suitable.

  • 88% of felt they could better serve their clients when working from home or hybrid working, than just office-based work.

  • 80% of respondents are excited to enter 2022 in the U.S. tax industry.

  • 70% of hiring managers found it more difficult to hire U.S. tax professionals throughout 2021 (compared to 12 months prior).

Email if you want a full copy of the report. This was also posted on's blog.

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