CPA vs Tax Advisor - What's The Difference?

I have been helping a candidate decide if they would go down the CPA route or not, as exam stress alongside normal working hours be a major factor influencing the decision.

I came across this great resource which helps set the argument out nicely. Whilst quite simplistic comparisons, it may help get you to get your thoughts together if you're in a similar situation.

Something else to consider is that not all firms are the same in offering support during the CPA exam study period; some firms are truly excellent whilst others less so!

Both Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and tax preparers are professionals authorized to prepare and file tax returns. However, in the context of CPA vs tax preparer, the primary difference lies in their scope of work, level of expertise, and licensure. While CPAs are licensed professionals offering a wide array of expert accounting services, tax preparers are non-licensed and specialize in only tax preparation.

What are the career prospects?

With their extensive knowledge and expertise in finance and accounting, they are suitable to take up any financial position in any industry. The on-job designation for CPAs can range from an objective consultant to a reliable financial planner.

Moreover, there are more than 46,000 public accounting firms (from small companies to large organizations) in the US. Hence, the career opportunities in the public accounting domain itself are pretty large.

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