Top US Expat Destinations (By Numbers)

August 7, 2023

Americans love travelling and millions call countries outside the US, their home.

While the exact numbers may vary over time, as of 2021/22 here are some approximate figures for the number of American expats residing in each location:

  1. Mexico: It's estimated that over 1 million Americans live in Mexico, making it one of the most popular destinations for American expats. The country's proximity to the United States, affordable living costs, and pleasant climate have been major draws for expats.
  2. Canada: Approximately 900,000 Americans have chosen to call Canada home. The cultural similarities, excellent healthcare system, and friendly atmosphere have made Canada an appealing choice for many Americans seeking a new beginning.
  3. United Kingdom: The United Kingdom has attracted around 200,000 American expats. The allure of its historical sites, world-class universities, and career opportunities in various industries have made it an attractive destination for adventurous Americans.
  4. Spain: Roughly 100,000 American expats have decided to embrace the Spanish lifestyle. The warm weather, rich cultural heritage, and relaxed pace of life have been significant factors in attracting Americans.
  5. Germany: Germany is home to around 120,000 American expats, drawn to its efficient public services, strong job market, and central location in Europe, allowing for easy exploration of neighboring countries.
  6. Australia: Over 100,000 Americans have chosen to settle in the Land Down Under, lured by its stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and opportunities for a high quality of life.

Expats experience a lot of change; for example the allure of different destinations can shift over time due to factors like economic conditions, political changes, and cultural trends. Nonetheless, these figures provide a snapshot of where American expats have been making their mark across the globe.